The Wave


Double wave support for head and shoulders.

60 x 43 x 10/11 cm

Why choose it?

  • Memoform Magnifoam shapes itself with the pressure from the weight of the neck and the head, supporting it and giving muscular relaxation
  • Covered in Coolmax transpiring fabric, it reduces perspiration and avoids an annoying stiff neck
  • The Airyform workmanship gives a greater circulation of air
  • The wavy shape: supports the neck and receives the weight of the head which increases comfort




The ergonomic shape of the upper section, paired with the regular shape of the lower section makes this pillow an excellent model for those requiring added support for the neck. The wave shape; that is more pronounced on one side supports the neck and stretches the tendins following the shape of the cervical vertebre precisely and securerly.

The Airyfoam technology increases support and allows the pillow to avoid the accumilation of humidity, which is easilty transfered away from the pillow through the uses of coolmax fabric.