A massaging structure that activates microcirculation.

70 x 39 x 11 cm

Why choose it?

  • Memoform Magnifoam shapes itself with the pressure from the weight of the neck and the head, supporting it and giving muscular relaxation
  • Covered in Coolmax transpiring fabric, it reduces perspiration and avoids an annoying stiff neck
  • The Airyform workmanship gives a greater circulation of air
  • the Pyramid workmanship provides a constant massaging effect, regenerating the microcirculation of the neck and of the head




No material is able to shape itself like the Memoform Magnifoam and Orthomassage pillow is the proof that everything is possible, even a regenerating massage during rest.

The projections that are situated at the centre of this pillow offer a revitilizing action on the entire cervical area and face. 

It allows for the absence of humidity and is hygenic thanks to the removable cover.