A soft cervical support that is comfortable for the neck.

52 x 32 x 5/16 cm

Why choose it?

  • Memoform Magnifoam shapes itself with the pressure from the weight of the neck and the head, supporting it and giving muscular relaxation
  • Covered in Coolmax transpiring fabric, it reduces perspiration and avoids an annoying stiff neck
  • The Airyform workmanship gives a greater circulation of air
  • the  ergonomical shape supports the head and the neck, allowing a complete relaxation of the neck and shoulder cervical area




Comfort is the name that suits this pillow, the Memoform Magnifoam embraces you in one single support, offering perfect relaxation for your neck.

The Airyform workmanship in this special model extends throughout the area of the pillow that is in that is in contact with the neck. This area is greatly effected by perspiration hence the increased Airyfoam technology avoids humidity which is the principle cause of rheumatic pain.

The design of this pillow was studied by orthopedic doctors specialized in comfort / wellbeing.