Ergo Seat


Big Advantages in Small Dimensions - the Perfect Seat

7 x 42 x 42 cm


  • Dimensions: height: 7 cm / 2"3/4 width: 42 cm / 16"1/2 depth: 42 cm / 16"1/2

  • Provides an intense sensation of lightness for the legs

  • Coolmax Cover - breathable materials

  • Memoform - extra comfort




Try to sit on the most comfortable office chair and then try to sit on Ergo Seat:

The time you are ready to spend on it is probably double.

The anatomical seat wraps compactly the legs offering a lightness sensation that does not force you to sit up for a couple of minutes.

The advantages are easy to foresee: extra concentration, extra relax less muscular tension.