Inner plates

Memoform Magnifoam

Is the softest material: it gives an incomparable comfort.


Thanks to the immediate reaction of this material to heat and pressure, Memoform Magnifoam follows perfectly the body outline, offering excellent support to the whole body and especially to the back. In a short time it regains its original shape and adapts to movements we make during the night without waking up.



A material made of a microcell structure connected by capillaries expanded at a particularly high density that determine its soft consistency compared to polyurethane based materials. In combination with materials such as Memoform and Elioform, in the making of a mattress, it balances the need for softness and rigidity.


Is the combination of two types of polyether, one that gives rigidity to the mattress, the other that improves resistance and non deformability. The structure is made of microcells connected to each other so that the layer can “breathe” correctly and so makes the mattress hygienic, heat balanced and capable of absorbing and dispersing rapidly the body's humidity.


Fabric and treatments

Lavender essence treatment

Lavender essence is utilized in the textile field for its numerous beneficial properties. The properties of lavender essence is both sedative and balancing, moreover it favours the distension of the central nervous system. Applied to the fabric of the mattress, it makes it both hygienic and healthy.


It is a highly innovative production process that allows us to reach objectives that until today were totally unattainable. The result is a sterilized and totally mould, bacteria and moth free fabric. Moreover, this fabric is hypoallergenic because the products used for the treatments are totally natural, no chemical or artificial product is used. Using raw materials guarantees a high level of hygiene and, at the same time respects the human/ecological requisites in force at the moment.

Aloe Vera essence treatment

This treatment consists in the application on the fabric of millions of micro-capsules, infinitely small, containing Aloe Vera essence, making the fabric a "vehicle" for wellbeing. The micro-capsules, when in contact with the skin or with a simple movement "open" releasing beneficial substances that are then absorbed by the  body and have a positive influence on some important body functions, such as sleeping, waking up, attention span etc.

Wood fibre

This is a yarn that is completely made of cellulose, ecological and healthy. The wood pulp comes from  wood that fully respects the eco-sustainable norms. The characteristics of this fibre, obtained from a  careful mix of woods, is extraordinary. It, in fact, differentiates from other cellulose fibre due to its ‘soft feel’ and its highly absorbable and humidity release characteristics. The fabrics made of Lenpur are therefore: thermo-regulating, breathable and anti odour.

Bamboo fibre

Bamboo contains honey pectin, which is healthy for the human skin, its fibre is completely covered with micro-slits and has excellent ventilation properties and absorbs humidity perfectly. With this incomparable micro-structure, fabrics made of bamboo fibre are breathable, quickly absorb and evaporate sweat. Just like the plant, also the bamboo fibre fabrics have excellent tenacity and show excellent resistance even after many washes.

Gold fibre

Gold is a noble metal that has been ever present in nature and even in the ancient times was appreciated for its beauty and it polyhedral characteristics. Due to its electrostatic dispersion quality, the golden yarn has an anti stress function on our organism: it discharges the static which is present in the body thereby reducing physical tension. The fibre is thermo-regulating and it maintains a freshness in the summer and a warmth in the winter. Gold is a precious metal and irreversible, the fibre withstands washing and wear and tear.

Silver fibre

Pure Silver is a material that gives many benefits, introduced into the fibre of a fabric it has special anti bacterial, thermal and breathable properties. Silver, thanks to the release of ions interacts with the bacteria proteins and is anti static.

Maize fibre

This is the first fibre in the world to have been synthesized by man, and it is obtained without the use of pollutant materials. The extraction, production and use of this fibre involves a low emission into the atmosphere of  "the greenhouse gas", which is the main cause of  global climate changes. In fact maize fibre, once it has reached the end of its life cycle, can be eliminated easily  because it’s 100% bio degradable. The lining of mattresses made of maize fibre absorb humidity, which is the principal cause of mould and bad smells.

Botany wool

Botany wool is the finest wool, which keeps the body at its natural temperature and protects it from rapid temperature changes. It is breathable and absorbs sweat in excess, remaining always dry at touch. These thermo-regulating hygroscopic properties (with a capacity of one third of its weight), combined with the beneficial massage of the fur, produces a natural curative effect on joint and bone illnesses.


One of the characteristics of cotton is its absorbing of humidity: it can absorb a quantity of water double its weight. Liquids, such as sweat, are absorbed by the fabric and then transmitted to the outside where they disperse by evaporation. Another virtue is its resistance to wear.

Outlast fabric

Outlast is a material designed  for astronauts' spacesuits, it's  made of millions of small spheres which are made up of a special type of wax that melts at 36 degrees. The melting process, which starts due to a rise in body temperature, absorbs the excess heat and accumulates a part of it. When the temperature is stable and is under "melting point", the spheres consolidate releasing the energy accumulated in the form of heat.


Coolmax is a high performance fabric that utilizes innovative fibres, highly technological, leader in controlling body humidity. Thanks to its properties Coolmax offers an excellent regulating-control with both skin temperature and body hydration and it quickly removes the humidity released by the body during sleep. Coolmax dries more rapidly than any other fabrics and keeps the body dry and fresh.

Micro-perforated 3D fabric

A performing fabric made of a micro-net with an incomparable capacity for eliminating humidity. Humidity dries out four times more rapidly than it does with cotton, but it's at the same time soft. The micro-perforated structure is extremely durable, neutralizes odours and maintains freshness. Its small perforated weave, the mechanical elasticity, the soft polyester micro-fibre together with its excellent treatment of humidity make this fabric ideal  for those who perspire a lot during the night.