• Why should we choose your mattresses?

We have all the benefit of painstaking research on the materials, an in-depth knowledge of your needs and many years of experience.

All our products are 100% made in Italy and have been recognised by several international quality certification standards: an example is Oeko Tek, one of the leading certification bodies, a guarantee that our fabrics contain no toxic or noxious substances that are harmful to humans and the environment.


  • What do you recommend to people who have head and neck problems?

Undoubtedly, a good pillow.

It is vital to spend time looking for a suitable pillow, one that allows the head and shoulders to lie in a natural position, without causing compression.

Have a look at the website for rules on how to sleep well, and to find guidance on the choice of your pillow.


  • Do you have orthopaedic support mattresses?

For people who suffer from backache, we recommend a mattress that adapts to the natural curvature of the body and spine and does not force them to lie in unsuitable positions, which in the long term could aggravate their existing condition or make the pain worse, or even cause back ache.

For those who would like firmer support, we recommend Elioform mattresses.


  • What is Memoform Magnifoam?

Memoform Magnifoam is a viscoelastic material on which many of our products – mattresses, pillows and accessories – are based.

Its special feature is its capacity to mould itself perfectly to the shape of the body: Memoform Magnifoam also responds more to the pressure of weight than it does to heat, unlike similar materials offered by other producers.


  • How to choose your mattress?

People have different needs and look for different types of comfort during the night.

There is no one ideal mattress for everyone, but there are useful tips to guide you in your choice: how tall are you? What is your type of body shape? What type of support do you prefer? Have a look at our guideline on support.


  • How are your products made?

Mattresses, pillows, the electrical parts and accessories are all made in Italy.

We have opted for natural materials only, and we rely exclusively on local or at least Italian suppliers: long experience has taught us that the only way of achieving and guaranteeing high quality is direct monitoring.

Italian quality is a tangible asset and an assessable value. Our products are 100% Italian and are designed and manufactured in Italy, in our workshops in Prato.


  • How can I improve the quality of my sleep?

Sleeping is as vital as eating and drinking, but it is not enough to sleep the right number of hours: one needs to be able to sleep well.

Your temperament, lifestyle and habits are reflected in the quality of your sleep, which is why it is important to identify certain minor factors by checking on the tips to promote good sleep and prevent any sleep disruption and insomnia.


This is a special packing method invented by Magniflex in 1986.

It has many advantages. For example, it facilitates the shipment of mattresses, guaranteeing hygienic conditions; it reduces the volume of mattresses by 90% while retaining the properties of the material unchanged. The quality of the materials means that in a few simple steps our mattresses immediately resume their original shape.

Vacuum technology is also environment-friendly: it leads to less wastage in the materials used for packaging and fewer vehicles on the roads, and therefore to lower CO2 emissions.


  • Where can I find your products?

They are to be found throughout Italy, with 8 showrooms worldwide: in Florence, Milan, New York, Tokyo, Cyprus, Singapore, Dubai, Prague and Kiev.

Look here for the Magniflex sales outlet closest to you.